Sunday, November 28, 2010

Repurposed Bell Cloche' Pedestal

While browsing in one of my favorite stores...Home Goods...I came across this great pedestal bell jar cloche'[ what's that you say? it's a dome lid which botanist use over plants, etc....decorators now use them to house  anything from flowers, books, artificial birds, and baked goods.]  I have seen so many of these in decorating lately from a few of my other favorite stores...Pottery Barn or Willow House....  I knew the blue wouldn't work for me anywhere, but on clearance for $7, with no chipped edges, how could I pass it up... 

{pardon that table background}I got to work with one of my favorite craft mediums (Mod Podge), and applied some old vintage violin sheet music I picked up over the summer at Goodwill ($1 a book) on a thrifting escapade.  I had to piece together because of the large soft ridges and it not being straight.  I added some cute grosgrain ribbon [stampin' up] to finish it off for Christmas, and now it adorns my Christmas dining room table scape.  I will update a finished photo when I finish the decorating this evening...
**I can see that just changing the ribbon seasonally will allow me to use this all year round.** cost around $7.50 compared to $40+ below...
There are some great ideas on making cloche's as well as apothecary jars here.

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